Firefox and Thunderbird extensions

plus-value for useful software

A few quick and dirty extensions for Thunderbird and Firefox, to achieve very specific tasks.

Please note that these extensions are offered as is, they may not be properly tested or documented.

  • QuickFile (Thunderbird 3+ xpi): An enhanced and stripped-down port of the excellent Paul Tomin's Quickfile, to speed up filing messages in your folders with an quick autocomplete-like search
  • SyncCGP (Thunderbird 7+ xpi): A contacts synchronizer between Thunderbird and Communigate Pro, loosely based on SyncKolab 1.0.3 - 1.5
  • ComposeEsc (Thunderbird 3+ xpi): Allow the Esc key to be used to close the Compose window (with normal confirmations asked if the form has been modified).
  • FireButtons (Firefox 4+ xpi): Switch the order of the Deactivate and Minimize buttons of Firebug, to follow a maybe less logical order of buttons, but preventing data loss due to bad habits.
  • Unstyle Reply (Thunderbird 3+ xpi): Remove any custom stylesheet of a message when hitting Reply, as we don't usually want to reply in pink Comic Sans on a skyblue background.
  • Appal (Thunderbird 3+ xpi): Meant to give a clear notification if there are new messages in a very specific folder. Not very useful for most people.
  • OfflineSel (Thunderbird 2 xpi): Helps in selecting multiple Offline folders at once in TB2. Not updated for TB3.

Tip: To install any of these extension in Thunderbird, drag the xpi link from this page to the Thunderbird add-ons dialog, or use right-click/save as then import in Thunderbird.

The documentation for some extensions is available in our wiki (use the above links) and can be modified or completed by anyone.

We can offer support for any of these extensions at our standard hourly rate. We also accept bug reports but can't promise free fixes.