TellNewMail mail notifier

a mail notifier without polling

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The TellNewMail program is used to know when new mail arrives. It's not a mail poller, it will not go on the server to verify if new mail has come. It integrates with a handy function of some decent mail servers, like Stalker's Communigate Pro. These servers sends a notification message to the client computer when it receives an e-mail for this client.

TellNewMail will wait for any connection and for the particular notification message, and will pop a balloon to notify the user. This feature must be enabled on the server.

TellNewMail is also handy to start your default e-mail client with a single hotkey. Press WIN-SHIFT-E to start your e-mail software, or double-click on the tray icon. Single click on the tray icon will stop the current notification (icon/scroll lock flashing).

Four notification types are available, and can be disabled or enabled using the icon context menu:

  • A pop-up balloon with a friendly message (Windows 2000/XP only)
  • A Message Box
  • Flashing icon in system tray
  • Flashing Scroll Lock led

TellNewMail listens on the port 79. If you have a firewall you should open this port to TellNewMail. If it's not open the server won't be able to transmit notification.

To the server administrator

On Stalker's Communigate Pro, you must add a server-wide rule or a client rule with the action FingerNotify, and an IP address if needed. If no IP address is provided, the server will try to send notification to the last known IP address, the last IP address from which the user has connected.

On other mail server software, check the server documentation, search for Notify, User Notification or FingerNotify.

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