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SyncCGP is a Thunderbird extension performing contacts synchronization between Thunderbrid 3 and Communigate Pro, loosely based on SyncKolab.






To download a Thunderbird extension, the easiest way is to open Thunderbird's Add-Ons window, then to drag the extension link on this page and drop it on the opened Add-Ons window. You can also save it on your desktop and install it from there.

The latest version of the extension is available here: synccgp.xpi


  • Original extension creator: Niko Berger
  • Creator: Niversoft Idées Logicielles
  • Developer: Nicolas Hatier

Version History

  • v0.37: Thunderbird 24 compatibility. SyncCGP v0.37 is NOT compatible with TB prior to v24.0
  • v0.35: Fixed: Auto timer may run only once
  • v0.34: Thunderbird 7 compat. Replaced the deprecated RDF interfaces for accessing and manipulating address books by nsIAbManager
  • v0.33: Typos, code optimisations, better UTF-8 encoding/decoding proc
  • v0.32: Correct addressbook is not selected when clicking on the associated folder
  • v0.31: Compatibility update for TB6. Integrated minor fixes up to SyncKolab 20110802. TB5-6 status bar is messed up when SyncCGP starts (SyncCGP issue #24191 -
  • v0.30: Compatibility update for TB5. Nothing changed.
  • v0.29: Skipping Mail lists without listNickName - that should never happen according to TB doc, but happened anyway.
  • v0.27: Moved the CloseWindow setting with others, renamed the About panel
  • v0.25: Mail list (VGROUP) support. Override of the contacts folder to open the linked address book instead.
  • v0.23: Compatibility update for Thunderbird 3.1
  • v0.21: Thunderbird 3 compatibility (no longer compatible with TB2). Removed Calendar and Task sync in favor of the use of CalDAV+Lightning. UI Polishing. VCARD UID now stored in a custom hidden card field instead.
  • v0.20: Partial thunderbird 3 compatibility
  • v0.16: Better event comparing function - status change is now detected and kept in sync
  • v0.15: Progress window is now resizable. Windows size and position is remembered
  • v0.14: Wizard text partially rewritten for clarity and the layout cleaned a bit. Windows handling modified for consitency
  • v0.10: Code cleanup using a source code formatter
  • v0.09: "Unchanged" items can be automatically removed from the progress window log
  • v0.07: Quoted-printable-encoded fields are now decoded. Better qpdecode procedure implemented
  • v0.06: An unique UID is generated for contacts without UID or custom4
  • v0.03: Tasks and Calendar support
  • v0.01: First release

Known issues

As Thunderbird Mail Lists require each entry to be a real card in the Address Book, and CGP does not, new entries may be created on Thunderbird side when synchronizing. These entries are internally marked "local" by SyncCGP and will not be sent back to CGP. This may be changed later if it causes confusion.

Also, as CGP and the sync process treats server-side VCARD modification as a Delete + Create New operation, any server-side modification of a contact bound to a mailing list would result on it being removed from that list in Thunderbird. Instead, the original entry in Thunderbird is kept and then marked as "local", and a new one, not bound to the list, is created with the server modifications. This may cause duplicate entries in the address book, but for now we don't have a better solution. If you have mail list, you can avoid duplicate entries by using Thunderbird only for any contact or mail list modification.


SyncCGP carries the same MPL 1.1 license as the SyncKolab extension. It is distributed as is, without warranty.