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LookOut Skin

I can't believe it's javascript

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The skin is designed to attempt a look and feel similar to modern mail clients.

Some of the features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Low required bandwidth once the session is open
  • Rich-text edition of composed messages
  • Collapsible tree view for the mailbox list
  • Per-user nonvolatile custom skin settings, saved in the personal web space
  • Automatic completion of typed addresses from the address book
  • Daily, weekly and monthly view for the Calendar
  • Three-pane view to directly access folders and messages
  • Background processing using AJAX for a fluid interface without reloads
  • Inline styled message windows
  • Intuitive rules wizard
  • Can be set to automatically switch from SSL to normal after logon
  • Easy to translate (see Languages section in the skins summary page)
  • Inline spell checker (a separate plugin is required)
  • Easy integration with PolluStop
  • "New mail" sound

Development in progress - LookOut Mail v4 (stay tuned)

  • Tabbed interface to keep everything in the same window
  • Ability to send text/alternative messages
  • Ability to upload images and send them inline with outgoing messages
  • Ability to reply to text/html message while keeping the original HTML formatting
  • Ability to display inline styles of received messages
  • Linear folder view (no First/Prev/Next/Last buttons to go to another message list "page")
  • Much quicker folder view generation, as the HTML objects are generated only for the visible items

Development is going on but will take a while as there is no direct funding for it before it is complete - paying contracts take precedence.

Current minimum requirements for the upcoming LookOut Mail 4:

  • CGP 5.6+ with a license including the XIMSS service (most licenses, except ISP-specific ones. Contact your CGP reseller or CG Systems for more information)
  • Modern browser (latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera) or IE8.



The skin is tested on the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and on Internet Explorer 8.

The skin should also run on:

  • Opera 10.5+ (support may vary).
  • Mozilla Firefox 3+
  • Safari 3.1+
  • Google Chrome 4+
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7 (no free support is currently provided for these browsers. There can be visual and functional discrepancies).
  • Most recent Gecko-based browsers (no free support provided for these browsers).
  • For other, unsupported browsers, the Spid Skin may be available.

Pricing and terms

  • A demo server is available to try the full version of LookOut. Please contact us for information.
  • No downloadable demo version is available for the moment.
  • LookOut is licensed on availability (number of users who can use it, whether they use it or not). You can use the field below to calculate the exact price of your license. The prices are fixed in CAD but displayed in USD according to the current exchange rate, updated daily.
    users:← enter your number
  • Once you have a license of LookOut, you are free to modify it for your needs, as long as these modifications are for your server only. You ARE NOT authorized to give, sell, share those changes to anyone without prior agreement with Niversoft. Also, no free support can be given for these modifications
  • The license includes LookOut and email support for installation, if necessary. Licenses of 50 users and more get access to the Sessionless skin, which contains the login page and the mailing list archive pages.
  • These terms may change without advice.
  • Please contact us for any further questions.
  • To get your license, continue to the purchase page...

Current version: LookOut Skin v3.11.9 [HISTORY]

LookOut download is restricted to registered users. You can request an access to the demonstration server, which shows the full version of LookOut.

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