Consulting and subcontracting

We can help solving your problems

Do you need help configuring your Communigate Pro server or be sure that it's not an open relay? Do you want specialized scripts to achieve some uncommon behavior? Do you want to integrate an external software as an External Filter? We can help you.

Do you need help creating your website, or do you need JavaScript skills to perform a complicated task, "Web 2.0" or AJAX interactions, an overlay image, or do you need to make your IE-only site or web application compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera? We can help you.

Do you need a small application to achieve a small task, but you needed it as of yesterday? Do you need an intuitive user interface for your software? We can help you.

Anything else? It costs nothing to ask, we may even be able to help you or refer you to other resources.

We have several years professional experience in software design, programmation and scripting. External Filters, settings files and the CLI of Communigate Pro have no secrets anymore for us. We know Perl, we know it well. We can do things with JavaScript that not many people are able to do, with Communigate Pro WSSP and XIMSS languages too, or even with Win32 API. We also have lots of experience with C/C++, .NET languages (VB, C#, C++ .Net), JavaScript, DOM, Perl, SQL Server (including query optimisation) and many other languages.

We can do many things, do them well, and fast. And we're not even expensive.

Please contact us for any further questions or propositions