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LookOut looks very awkward on Firefox, parts seems to be misplaced, there is icons everywhere

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Firefox requires CSS files to be identified as text/css by the server, and your CGP server is misconfigured.

In old versions of CGP, the text/css mime-type was not installed by default, and when upgrading to a new version, this setting couldn't be automatically updated. For new installations of a recent version, this problem does not arise.

To fix this problem, open CGP webadmin and go to Settings/WebUser (pre-5.1) or Settings/Access/Webuser (under HTTP User, post-5.1). In the MIME types list, enter standard mime types, such as html->text/html, htm->text/html, css->text/css, jpg->image/jpeg, png->image/png, js->text/javascript. You can enter others that comes in your mind, but with these ones LookOut should display properly

You may need to empty your browser cache for it to display LookOut correctly.

LookOut 4

Some other features that could make their way in LookOut 4:

  • "Uninterrupted" message list view. Instead of having "next" and "previous" buttons, with a limited list of messages displayed at a time, a virtual view is created, which "contains" all messages. However, only the few currently visible are loaded, and others are fetched and displayed when the scrollbar is moved up and down. This allows faster message display, as HTML/DOM structures does not need to be created for all items.
  • We're trying to get rid of external windows such as the Compose window. LookOut 4's interface will be more tabbed, allowing compose "windows" within the interface itself. Same thing for message windows. There is likely to be independant calendar, tasks and contacts views which can be opened in their own tab without affecting the message list view.
  • Possibility to send multipart/alternative messages (both text/plain and text/html)
  • Possibility to include images in messages, not just as attachments
  • Message display including full stylesheet and inline style information, thing that can't be done in other CGP skins including LookOut 3 because of undiscriminated stylesheet removal by CGP.
  • Per-user settings stored in user preferences or webmail private area, instead of requiring Directory storage. This means a lot more flexibility and a lot more possible settings since we're limited to about 750 bytes of storage with the current method.
  • The list continues, but we'll keep a few surprises for the public beta!

LookOut 4 development is currently halted to give place to other projects. It may resume one day if demand is high enough.