Niversoft idées logicielles

We design software. We create website systems.
We provide service. We produce value added software.
  • Ergonomic website programmation, database-driven web systems.
  • Wordpress sites, templates and extensions.
  • jQuery navigation, effects and animation. CSS-based menus.
  • Value added software for Communigate Pro™.
  • Rich web mail interfaces, powerful yet flexible spam and content filters.
  • Software design and support in many languages: C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Perl, JavaScript and many others.
  • Support for all major browsers and portable software for multiple platforms.
  • Consultation services in software and email-related fields.
  • Small software tools and applications for the average Windows user.
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Latest News:

2018-12-04:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.21.0 - Using ClamAV engine v0.101.0 [notes]
2018-10-13:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.20.2 - Using ClamAV engine v0.100.2 [notes]
2018-07-26:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.20.1 - Using ClamAV engine v0.100.1 [notes]
2018-05-16:Released: FindAttachments v1.2.1b - Filter may fail to find attachments in specific broken (but readable) MIME
2018-05-16:Released: LookOut v3.12.1d - IE 11 display issue. [notes]
2018-04-19:Released: LookOut v3.12.1b - Email address parsing issue [notes]
2018-04-18:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.20.0 - Using ClamAV engine v0.100.0. Solaris version fixed. [notes]
2018-03-06:Released: LookOut v3.12.1 - Support for CGP 6.2 Identities [notes]
2018-03-01:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.19.4 - Using ClamAV engine v0.99.4. Solaris version will be built upon request. [notes]
2018-01-30:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.19.3 - Using ClamAV engine v0.99.3. [notes]
2017-08-01:Released: LookOut v3.12 - Support for CGP 6.1.17, removed Flash dependency [notes]
2017-08-01:Released: Spid v1.4.18 - Support for CGP 6.1.17 [notes]
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