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We design software. We create website systems.
We provide service. We produce value added software.
  • Software design and support in many languages: C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Perl, JavaScript and many others.
  • Consultation services in software and email-related fields.
  • Ergonomic website programmation, database-driven web systems.
  • Value added software for Communigate Pro™.
  • Rich web mail interfaces, powerful yet flexible spam and content filters.
  • Small software tools and applications for Windows user.
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Latest News:

2022-05-10:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.25.0a. Fixed error in ADDHEADER command [notes]
2022-05-10:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.25.0. For ClamAV 0.105 and up. Now in script form. Please read HISTORY and INSTALL file. [notes]
2021-09-05:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.24.0. Using ClamAV engine v0.104. New dependencies. Please test first. No FreeBSD build, will be done if requested. [notes]
2021-06-14:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.23.3. Using ClamAV engine v0.103.2. Fixed a PCRE-related crash on MacOS [notes]
2021-03-30:Released: FindAttachments v1.2.1c - Filter may enter an infinite loop on a very specific broken zip EOCD structure
2020-09-15:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.23.0. Using ClamAV engine v0.103 [notes]
2020-04-28:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.22.2. Using ClamAV engine v0.102.2 [notes]
2019-10-20:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.22. Using ClamAV engine v0.102, large engine update, rewrote important parts of the helper code [notes]
2019-06-07:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.21.2, only for x64 platforms from now on - Using ClamAV engine v0.101.2 [notes]
2019-03-06:*** Issues with CGP-ClamAV (any version)? It's caused by a ridiculously large database patch and inefficient patch code in the ClamAV engine. Please delete daily.c* from the database directory and restart the filter. ***
2019-03-04:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.21.1 - Using ClamAV engine v0.101.1 [notes]
2018-12-04:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.21.0 - Using ClamAV engine v0.101.0 [notes]
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