Fast Filters

fast filters for Communigate Pro

You probably saw the Happy Scripting page. Here you will find Pro, better versions of some of the scripts you found there, to get a more efficient processing. They are written in C or C++, and they are available for a very low cost.

Supported platforms: Windows Win7/Server 2008, Linux, MacOS 10.7+, FreeBSD 8+, all on x64 architecture. x86 and Solaris builds are discontinued due to lack of demand.

Without a license, all filters here are limited to one to five messages. They will then leave all other messages unfiltered.

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Find Attachments v1.2.1c

This filter adds specific headers to messages that contain attachments. The filter finds attachments in the message, then instructs CGPro to add one header for each type (extension) of attachment found.

For an EXE attachment in the message, you would get X-AttachExt: exe. It then should be easy to set up rules to reject, or take specific actions on particular attachments.

Find_Attachments will also detect attachments that have no file extension. When such an attachment is detected, it will add the header X-AttachExt: ...

Find_Attachments can also detect Encrypted Zip files. When an encrypted zip file is detected, two headers are added: X-AttachExt: zip and X-AttachExt:

This Pro version can scan 50 to 250 messages per second.

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Regex Matcher v1.2

The Regex Matcher is an extension to the Rules system of Communigate Pro. This filter tries to match a list of regular expressions with the lines of the message. Each time one match is found, a new header is added to the message with the description of the matched regex. These new headers can then be easily used in Communigate Pro to perform rules actions on these messages.

The list of regular expressions is contained in a config file. Each line begins with a simple description that will be used for further rule processing, and ends with the regular expression itself, with the Perl syntax (/match/i). The config file is automatically reloaded on change, so no need to restart the filter.

There are three sections of regular expressions: Headers only, Body only, and Full Message. The filter tries to match each regex with the section it belongs to

The filter adds X-Regex-Match: [description] headers

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AddFooter v1.4.2

This filter, when setup properly, adds a footer at the end of outgoing emails.

The text can be your signature, your company's logo and contact information, a legal disclaimer, etc.

You can specify different text (and formatting) for different content-types. You can add a HTML-formatted footer for the HTML part of a message, and a Text-only footer for the Text-only part.

This Pro version can add a footer to 50 to 250 messages per second.

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ListBackscatter v1.0a

This filter, when setup properly, reduces the backscatter caused by the Communigate Pro LIST module.

This CGP module processes the received messages only after it has been accepted at SMTP level. When spammers attack a server, they may attack a list address, and this will likely cause backscatter (bounces) to the random third-party addresses used by the spammer. This may even get your server listed in a few DNSBL such as SpamCop's or's.

The List Backscatter Filter reduces the avoidable bounces by matching the message sender with the subscriber list, and rejecting unauthorized addresses at SMTP level, with the help of CGP synchronous rules (CGP 5.1+)

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Auth Backup Checker v1.2

This external authenticator, when setup properly, processes the Unknown Names and, when they match domains set to be backed up by the current host, informs CGP where to relay the message after verifying that the target account really exists.

The program features an internal cache for previous result with a configurable timeout for positive and negative ones, as well as a connection cache..

Requires CGP 5.1+

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The current price of these filters is . The price is a one-time fee that provides you a license that will switch the filter to unlimited mode. The license doesn't have message flow or account number limit.

Please refer to the Purchases page for the current price of these filters. The price is a one-time fee which provides you a license that will switch the filter to unlimited mode. The license doesn't have message flow or account number limit.

The license is bound to your main domain name. Find your exact main domain name on the Settings/General page in the WebAdmin interface of your Communigate Pro server

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The price and the license terms may be modified without notice.