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This package contains only the sessionless/stateless pages; it's not a complete skin. Since other Niversoft's skins don't contain the stateless pages anymore, this skin should be used as a complement.


  • Easy to translate (see Languages section in the skins summary page)
  • Several skin parameters to hide unwanted parts
  • 100% HTML 4.01 and CSS compliant
  • No frames
  • Includes many WAI features and try to comply as most as possible with WAI guidelines
  • Includes all features of the stock skin sessionless/stateless pages, with some more
  • Fast and light enough to be used in SSL mode
  • Works on all HTML 4.01-compliant browsers (some with minor visual glitches)
  • Comes with four color schemes, and new color schemes are easy to create
  • Use relative font sizes. The browser can control the text size and zoom in if desired
  • Customization or new color schemes are available on request for standard Niversoft's consulting fees

The skin design is not related to LookOut design, but the default logo on the login page is still LookOut's logo, and it will stay as is, since LookOut is the flagship skin from Niversoft. The "spid" color scheme of the skin contains the "Spid skin" logo


"blue" Login"orange" Login
"white" Login"spid" Login
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Availability and Terms of use

  • This skin is a complement to other skins from Niversoft. Clients with a license size of at least 50 users can get this skin for free.
  • You can also purchase SessionLess separately. The current price of SessionLess is . Continue to the Purchases page.
  • You can also purchase SessionLess separately. Please refer to the purchase page for pricing information.
  • Once you have access to this skin, you are free to modify it for your needs, as long as these modifications are for your server only. You ARE NOT authorized to give, sell, share those changes to anyone without prior agreement with Niversoft. Also, no free support can be given for these modifications
  • These terms may change without advice.

Download Sessionless Skin v1.2.16b [HISTORY]

SessionLess requires Communigate Pro 5.0 (or further version)

SessionLess download is restricted to registered users, but you can access the demonstration server to have a partial view of it (with the blue color scheme).

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