Foobar Advanced Controls

Foobar Advanced Controls

Advanced Controls component v0.6.7 for Foobar2000 v1.1

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You can now control most the playback functions of Foobar2000 from icons in the Taskbar Notification Area (that is - the tray)

In a very small space (2 tray icons wide), you have the playback functions (Play / Pause, Stop / Load, Previous, Next) and the volume or the seeking bar. Plus, a right-click menu with all these functions, and more!

A pop-up balloon appears each time a new song begins (or on demand - hotkey), to tell the title of the song. The balloon can be disabled, and the info displayed is customizable with the advanced title formatting provided in the Titles Formatting preferences. The balloon is not available in Windows 95 and 98.

The Delete Current File function deletes the file that is currently playing. It always asks for confirmation and puts the file into the recycle bin if possible, so you won't delete files without intending to. Note: This feature may not work with unicode-named files.

In Windows 7, due to major changes in the GUI interaction possibilities, the plugin behavior is slightly different:
  • The first time you run Foobar2000 with Advanced Controls, the two icons will have to be moved in place manually from the Notification Area Overflow. Windows will then remember their position for the next time you use Foobar2000.
  • To use the position/volume slider, the RIGHT mouse button is used, as the left button is reserved by Windows for moving the icons themselves.

As the component is now listed on the Official 3rd-party components list, you can get automatic updates when a new version is available.


Try it, you will like it.


Foobar2000 Advanced Controls is available in several languages, now all in the same installer:
  • English
  • Français (French)
  • Deutsch (German)
  • Español (Spanish)
  • Italiano (Italian)
  • 简体字 (Simplified Chinese)
  • Русская (Russian)
  • Cesky (Czech)
  • Dansk (Danish)
  • Eesti keel (Estonian)
  • Ρωμαίικα (Greek)
  • македонски (Macedonian)
  • Magyar (Hungarian)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • Polski (Polish)
  • Português do Brasil (Portuguese)
  • Romana (Romanian)
  • Slovenčina (Slovak)
  • Svenska (Swedish)
  • Türkçe (Turkish)

You want to have Foobar2000 Advanced Controls in your own language? Download this file. It contains the pictures of the interface and a file containing all the strings to translate. With an Unicode text editor (Notepad is OK), translate them in your language and send the text file back to us. Don't forget to specify your name, your email or your website in the file.

The translation package is the same for the Winamp plugin and the Foobar2000 component.


FooBar2000 Advanced Controls is statically skinnable (the appearance of the control icons can be changed, not their layout).

The package includes a few icon sets; additional icon sets are available here.

You can create your own icon set by downloading copying the default icon set to a new folder and modifying it. There are 18 icons (16 7x7 and 2 16x7, in .ico format), use an icon editor to modify them. Note: some icon editors may not support these non-standard icon formats.

If you want to share your work, send us your icon set and a text file "credits.txt" where you can write what you want (name, email, website), We'll create a bundle with the files and publish it here. You can also email us your questions about skinning.

To install a skin, follow the simple instructions in the Readme file of a skin package.

The skins of Foobar2000 Advanced Controls are compatible with the skins of Winamp Advanced Controls.

Continue to the download page to view the available skins


Continue to the download page to get the plugin. Available in several languages in the same package!

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