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RUNS AS: EXTFILTER Helper application.

This filter is used to verify messages for viruses. It's the open-source antivirus ClamAV, formatted as an external helper for Communigate Pro.

Some Win32 CGP server admins managed to install ClamAV/Clamd on Windows, with a modified version of CGPAV or with the cgFilterMessages VBScript. However, forked daemons are not efficient on Windows. The fork function, which is very efficient on BSD platforms, is resource consuming on Windows; a whole new process is created each time your server processes a message.

On other platforms, the clamd/cgpav pair is often used. CGPClamAV is a bit more efficient than this pair, because it's a single process; it's also much easier to install since you don't have to compile it.

With CGPClamAV, clamd is not used; it's a heavily modified version of clamscan linked with a nearly-unmodified version of libclamav.

  • The scanning part of the filter can process several messages per second.
  • The filter can detect every virus that ClamAV can, including those embedded in winmail.dat.
  • The filter checks for updates every hour to ensure that it has the most up-to-date information possible).
  • You can specify which ClamAV mirror database will be used for virus database updates.
  • The original source code is provided (GPL licensed).
  • Easy installation. Unpack the package, follow the quick steps in the Install.txt file, you're done.

Supported platforms: Windows Win7/Server 2008, Linux, MacOS 10.7+, FreeBSD 8+, all on x64 architecture. x86 and Solaris builds are discontinued due to lack of demand.

Please contact us for more details.


The current price of this filter is for one year.

Please refer to the Purchases page for the current price of this filter's license

There is no expiration in the software, and you will continue to receive database updates after license expiration since they are provided by the ClamAV people. Renewing your license will allow you to receive new versions of the filter with the new versions of the engine and new features.

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The price and the license terms may be modified without notice.

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