Spid skin

Spid skin

it's just like speed, but faster

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This is the skin you all have been waiting for. A fast skin. A light skin. Something really pleasant to use.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to translate (see Languages section in the skins summary page)
  • Many skin parameters to hide unwanted parts
  • 100% HTML 4.01 and CSS compliant
  • No frames
  • Text buttons, text links, all is text, almost no images
  • Lightweight JavaScript code used to add highlight effects and eye candy, but can be disabled
  • Includes many WAI features and tries to comply as much as possible with WAI guidelines.
  • Includes all features of the stock skin, with more
  • One-click mailboxes shortcuts for most-used mailboxes
  • Fast and light enough to be used in SSL mode
  • Special mailbox creation interface to avoid dangling mailbox children and duplicate parents (INBOX, Inbox...) *
  • New password validation *
  • Works on all HTML 4.01-compliant browsers, and on many others (with visual glitches, but still usable)
  • All colors regrouped in the stylesheet. The color scheme of the skin can be changed using the instruction in the INSTALL file
  • Use relative font and field sizes. The browser can control the text size and zoom in if desired
  • Customization or new color schemes are available on request for standard Niversoft's consulting fees

*requires JavaScript


Pricing and terms

  • You can try the skin for free by downloading the demo version below. The demo version contains disabled parts, it would not be a good idea to give access to it to your users.
  • Spid is licensed on its availability (number of users who can use it, whether they use it or not). These are sample prices only, you can use the form below to calculate the exact price of your license. The prices are fixed in CAD but displayed in USD according to the current exchange rate, updated daily.
    users:← enter your number
  • The license includes Spid and email/IM support for installation, if required. Licenses of 50 users and more get access to the Sessionless skin, which contains the login page and the mailing list archive pages.
  • Once you have a license for Spid, you are free to modify it for your needs, as long as these modifications are for your server only. You ARE NOT authorized to give, sell or share those changes to anyone without prior agreement with Niversoft. Also, no free support can be given for these modifications.
  • These terms may change without notice.
  • You will receive your download password and access to full version soon after your payment.
  • Please contact me before purchasing to get an invoice or for any further questions.

To get your license, continue to the purchase page...

Download Spid Skin v1.4.19b [HISTORY]

Spid requires Communigate Pro 5.0 (or further version)

Spid download is restricted to registered users. The demo version can be downloaded for free. You can also request an access to the demonstration server, which shows the full version of Spid.

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