DomainKeys Helper

verify and sign message using Domainkeys and DKIM

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RUNS AS: EXTFILTER Helper application.

This filter is used to verify inbound messages signatures and sign outbound messages using DomainKeys, a Sender Identity protection proposed by Yahoo, and DKIM, its successor. This filter is designed to be used as a Communigate Pro External Filter.

This filter is created using libdomainkeys, which is an intellectual property owned by Yahoo! and licensed pursuant to the Yahoo! DomainKeys Public License Agreement., and libdkim, which is licensed using the Apache license v2.0.

The filter is fully multithreaded and can process messages while others wait for DNS query answers, up to 50 concurrent messages. The filter can work either in signature or verification mode. Two instances of the filter are required, one to process inbound and the other to process outbound messages

When purchased, this filter is provided with full source code. You are free to modify it for your own needs. Check each file's license for more details.

Supported platforms: Windows Win7/Server 2008, Linux, MacOS 10.7+, FreeBSD 8+, all on x64 architecture. x86 and Solaris builds are discontinued due to lack of demand.


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