Petite Skin

Petite Skin

lightweight, fast, compact

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The skin is designed to be used on modern mobile devices and phones such as the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile-based devices.

The Petite skin can be integrated with other skins to provide a seamless transition betweem the full-featured skins and the Petite skin when using a mobile browser.

When Petite is installed on your server and integrated with the Login page, petite's login page automatically detects the usage of a mobile device and redirects to a smaller and lightweight login page, which will force the usage of the Petite skin after login, to allow the user to browse his mail on the mobile device.

When the user is back to his desktop computer, at home or at work, the originally selected full-featured skin is back.

When you get a license of Petite for 50 users or more, or if you already have a license of the SessionLess skin, the integration with SessionLess is automatic and free of charge. It is also possible to integrate it the same way with your existing login page, for small consulting fees.

Preview (snapshots taken on an iPod Touch):


  • Platform: Tested with Windows Mobile 6.1.4 (Internet Explorer), with PalmOS Garnet (Web Browser 2.0) and iPod Touch (Safari / iPhone OS 3). Petite is known to be working on OSes running Opera.
  • Other platform may be supported, or support could be added. Please contact us if you have any specific request. The target platform and browser must support basic javascript.
  • In english only


  • Petite is licensed on possibility of usage. The required size of the license is the number of users will likely use it at one point in the future. A reasonable number would be 20 to 30% of your accounts for home and business users, up to 60% if your users are typically often on the road. You can use the field below to calculate the exact price of your license. The prices are fixed in CAD but displayed in USD according to the current exchange rate, updated daily.
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Download Petite Skin v2.2.1a [HISTORY]

Petite requires Communigate Pro 5.0 (or further version)

Petite download is restricted to registered users. You can also request an access to the demonstration server, which shows the full version of Petite.

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