Aspell Proxy for LookOut 3 and 4

spell check your composed messages in a modern way

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While Communigate Pro comes with a way to integrate a spell checker to WSSP webskins, this integration is quite limited. The spell checking is done one word at a time, and the whole message body is transferred over and over back and forth on each click.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see, at a glance, all misspelt words without having to click again, again and again on the Ignore or the Replace button? To have a really integrated spell checker which display misspelt words as in major text processing software?

Well, Aspell Proxy for LookOut is the solution. When integrated in LookOut 3.8.5+, a simple, single click on the Check Spelling button and all the misspelt words are underlined in red. Users can click the misspelt words to get replacement suggestions and, when this feature is enabled, they can even add words to a personal dictionary.

When used with LookOut 3:

Aspell Proxy comes in two flavors:

  • (NEW!) The XIMSS flavor is very efficient and easy to install. If you already have a spell checker installed in CGP, you're almost already done. The XIMSS flavor does not support per-user dictionaries.
  • The CGI flavor is a good alternative when the CGP server is not licensed for XIMSS, or if you wish your users to have personal dictionaries. It's an application installed in the cgi-bin directory of Communigate Pro. The application can verify the Session ID to make sure only logged in users can make use of it.

In both cases, the message body is transferred once between LookOut and the spell checker, and a list of words and suggestions is sent back to LookOut.

When used with LookOut 4:

In LookOut 4, the XIMSS flavor is already built-in, with all the features described above, but no per-user dictionaries. Using the CGI flavor of ASpellProxy in LookOut 4 will enable the use of personal dictionaries. If you do not plan to enable this feature, there is no reason to use AspellProxy with LookOut 4.


The CGI application is compiled natively for the most popular platforms that Communigate Pro supports. It uses the Gnu aSpell libraries - on most system GNU Aspell has to be installed separately. For the unsupported platform, a Perl script (which is less efficient but still works) is supplied instead.

The XIMMS script does NOT require the Gnu aSpell libraries to be installed, but requires aSpell itself to be integrated in CGP as you would do for standard spell checking in WSSP skins or Communigate Pronto!™.


  • Integrate a spell checker in LookOut an intuitive and efficient way
  • Use less bandwidth than the traditional WSSP spell checker
  • Compatible with any language supported by GNU Aspell
  • CGI flavor support adding words to a personal dictionary
  • Fast and efficient
  • Supported platforms for the CGI flavor: Windows (Win7/Server 2008+, x86 and x64), Linux (i386 and x64), OSX 10.7+ (Intel), FreeBSD 8+ (i386 and x64) and Sun Solaris (i386). A Perl script is available for other platforms

  • Supported platforms for the XIMSS flavor: any browser capable to run LookOut
  • The Windows package contains the precompiled GNU Aspell 0.60.5 library, as well as a script to prepare the downloaded dictionary

Pricing and Terms

  • Aspell Proxy is licensed based on the size of your LookOut license. For medium and large licenses, the price is around 30% of the LookOut license. Small license have a fixed price. You can use the field below to calculate the exact price of your license. The prices are fixed in CAD but displayed in USD according to the current exchange rate, updated daily.
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  • The Aspell Proxy perl script can be modified freely, as long as these modifications are not distributed. No support is offered for a modified version.
  • These terms may change without advice.
  • If another skin can make use of the Aspell Proxy in the future, no further charge is required for this use, as long as the Aspell Proxy license covers the total number of accounts having access to it.
  • To get your license, continue to the purchase page...

Current version: ASpellProxy v2.1.1b [HISTORY]

Aspell Proxy (CGI) requires LookOut 3.6.4+, which also requires Communigate Pro 5.0+, or LookOut 4, which requires Communigate Pro 5.4+

Aspell Proxy (XIMSS) requires LookOut 3.9+ and Communigate Pro 5.4+

Aspell Proxy download is restricted to registered users.

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