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Communigate Pro Webskins

  • LookOut Skin 3.x (compatible with CGP 5.0 and up)
  • LookOut Skin 2.x (compatible with CGP 4.2.10 to 5.1.16, NOT 5.2+)
  • LookOut Skin v1.x (unsupported)
  • Spid Skin (compatible with CGP 5.0 and up)
  • Petite Skin v2.x (modern skin for modern portable devices)
  • Petite Skin v1.x (skin for PDAs)
  • Sessionless Skin

Communigate Pro Filters

  • CGP-ClamAV Helper
  • Aspell Proxy - plugin for LookOut
  • DomainKeys helper

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Communigate Pro Filters:

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Communigate Pro Webskins:

  • For demonstration versions of the LookOut, Spid or Petite skins, please request an access to the demo server.

Free Filters and scripts:

Miscellaneous Tools: