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2022-05-10:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.25.0a. Fixed error in ADDHEADER command [notes]
2022-05-10:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.25.0. For ClamAV 0.105 and up. Now in script form. Please read HISTORY and INSTALL file. [notes]
2021-09-05:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.24.0. Using ClamAV engine v0.104. New dependencies. Please test first. No FreeBSD build, will be done if requested. [notes]
2021-06-14:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.23.3. Using ClamAV engine v0.103.2. Fixed a PCRE-related crash on MacOS [notes]
2021-03-30:Released: FindAttachments v1.2.1c - Filter may enter an infinite loop on a very specific broken zip EOCD structure
2020-09-15:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.23.0. Using ClamAV engine v0.103 [notes]
2020-04-28:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.22.2. Using ClamAV engine v0.102.2 [notes]
2019-10-20:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.22. Using ClamAV engine v0.102, large engine update, rewrote important parts of the helper code [notes]
2019-06-07:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.21.2, only for x64 platforms from now on - Using ClamAV engine v0.101.2 [notes]
2019-03-06:*** Issues with CGP-ClamAV (any version)? It's caused by a ridiculously large database patch and inefficient patch code in the ClamAV engine. Please delete daily.c* from the database directory and restart the filter. ***
2019-03-04:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.21.1 - Using ClamAV engine v0.101.1 [notes]
2018-12-04:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.21.0 - Using ClamAV engine v0.101.0 [notes]
2018-10-13:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.20.2 - Using ClamAV engine v0.100.2 [notes]
2018-07-26:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.20.1 - Using ClamAV engine v0.100.1 [notes]
2018-05-16:Released: FindAttachments v1.2.1b - Filter may fail to find attachments in specific broken (but readable) MIME
2018-05-16:Released: LookOut v3.12.1d - IE 11 display issue. [notes]
2018-04-19:Released: LookOut v3.12.1b - Email address parsing issue [notes]
2018-04-18:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.20.0 - Using ClamAV engine v0.100.0. Solaris version fixed. [notes]
2018-03-06:Released: LookOut v3.12.1 - Support for CGP 6.2 Identities [notes]
2018-03-01:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.19.4 - Using ClamAV engine v0.99.4. Solaris version will be built upon request. [notes]
2018-01-30:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.19.3 - Using ClamAV engine v0.99.3. [notes]
2017-08-01:Released: LookOut v3.12 - Support for CGP 6.1.17, removed Flash dependency [notes]
2017-08-01:Released: Spid v1.4.18 - Support for CGP 6.1.17 [notes]
2017-07-19:Released: PolluStop v2.14.1b - .here suffix and minor display issue [notes]
2017-07-19:Released: FindAttachments v1.2a - Crash on very rare zip signature.
2016-11-20:Released: PolluStop v2.14.1a - Option to make user whitelists global [notes]
2016-11-20:Released: LookOut v3.11.9 - Minor feature [notes]
2016-11-20:Released: Spid v1.4.17 - Minor feature [notes]
2016-10-01:Released: LookOut v3.11.8 - CGP 6.1.11 vacation message enhancements [notes]
2016-04-09:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.19.2 - Using ClamAV engine v0.99.2. Solaris build doesn't include bytecode support, llvm broken. [notes]
2016-03-08:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.19.1 - Using ClamAV engine v0.99.1 [notes]
2015-12-15:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.19 - Using ClamAV engine v0.99 [notes]
2015-10-21:Released: LookOut v3.11.6 and Spid v1.4.15 - New CGP 6.1 field in Event/Task [notes]
2015-07-20:Released: RegexMatcher v1.2 - Fixed missing Perl standard regex constructs
2015-06-05:Released: FindAttachments v1.2a - Fixed possible infinite loop on x64 platforms
2015-06-01:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.18.7a - Fixed db reload issue [notes]
2015-05-01:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.18.7 - Using ClamAV engine v0.98.7 [notes]
2015-04-19:Released: FindAttachments v1.2 - Ability to report extension of zipped files.
2015-03-27:Released: PolluStop v2.13.3 - CGP 6.1 compatibility [notes]
2015-02-10:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.18.6 - Using ClamAV engine v0.98.6 [notes]
2015-01-15:Released: PolluStop v2.13.2 - Using OpenSSL 1.0.1j and fixing minor https issue [notes]
2015-01-07:Released: Petite v2.2.1a [notes]
2014-11-21:Released: PolluStop v2.13.1b [notes]
2014-11-20:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.18.5 - Using ClamAV engine v0.98.5 [notes]
2014-09-10:Released: LookOut v3.11.4c - Temporary workaround for Chrome v37 crash [notes]
2014-09-01:Chrome v37 crashes when using LookOut. Please use the latest Chrome beta or another browser.
2014-06-18:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.18.4 - Using ClamAV engine v0.98.4 [notes]
2014-05-10:Released: PolluStop v2.13 - Added support for SSL certificate chain in https connections [notes]
2014-05-09:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.18.3 - Using ClamAV engine v0.98.3 [notes]
2014-05-09:Released: PolluStop v2.12.5 - Updated OpenSSL [notes]
2014-03-27:Released: PolluStop v2.12.4 - Return-Path is included in regex matching [notes]
2014-03-16:Released: PolluStop v2.12.3 - Support for mslc mailbox during initial training [notes]
2014-02-16:Released: PolluStop v2.12.2b [notes]
2014-01-17:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.17.3 - Using ClamAV engine v0.98.1 [notes]
2014-01-16:Released: LookOut v3.11.1 [notes]
2013-11-17:We moved our server to a new location, nothing changed besides the IP address.
2013-11-14:Released: LookOut v3.11 - Support for IE11 [notes]
2013-09-21:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.17 - Using ClamAV engine v0.98 [notes]
2013-08-28:Released: PolluStop v2.12.2 - important performance improvement with long qp-encoded lines. [notes]
2013-07-01:Released: PolluStop v2.12.1 - brought back Windows XP compatibility [notes]
2013-06-03:Released: PolluStop v2.12 - domain whitelist can imply subdomains, many fixes, performance enhancements [notes]
2013-06-30:The new OSX builds will target OSX Leopard 10.5 and up
2013-06-28:We are dropping support for OSX PowerPC and Solaris SPARC. Contact us if this is a real issue for you.
2013-04-27:Released: PolluStop v2.11.3 - Upgraded SSL code. [notes]
2013-03-30:Released: LookOut v3.10.1 - Various enhancements to the new calendar views [notes]
2013-03-28:Released: PolluStop v2.11.2 - Various core enhancements and a few old-standing rare bugs fixed [notes]
2013-03-28:Released: LookOut v3.10 - New calendar views, Mailto handler [notes]
2013-03-15:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.16.7 - Using ClamAV engine v0.97.7 [notes]
2013-03-03:Released: PolluStop v2.11 - increased performance with the rewrite of several core modules [notes]
2013-02-01:Released: LookOut v3.9.1 and Spid v1.4.12 - Contact groups changes in CGP 6.0 [notes]
2012-12-14:Released: LookOut v3.9 - Compatibility with CGP 6.0 [notes]
2012-12-06:Released: LookOut v3.8.6 [notes]
2012-11-05:Released: PolluStop v2.10.1 - New outbound monitoring sub-feature, disabled useless mutex pooling, other minor changes [notes]
2012-09-17:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.16.6 - Using ClamAV engine v0.97.6 [notes]
2012-08-16:Released: PolluStop v2.10 - Global sent-to, UI enhancements, Message-ID. Requires updated license. [notes]
2012-06-14:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.16.5 - Using ClamAV engine v0.97.5 [notes]
2012-05-21:Released: PolluStop v2.9.6 - internal optimization [notes]
2012-04-30:Released: LookOut v3.8.4a [notes]
2012-03-19:Released: PolluStop v2.9.5c [notes]
2012-03-15:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.16.4 - Using ClamAV engine v0.97.4 [notes]
2012-03-10:Released: PolluStop v2.9.5 - Regex download issue on OSX and Solaris Sparc [notes]
2012-01-31:Released: LookOut v3.8.4 [notes]
2012-01-18:Released: LookOut v3.8.3a, Petite v2.2.1, minor changes [notes]
2012-01-17:Released: Spid v1.4.11 [notes]
2011-10-19:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.16.3 - Using ClamAV engine v0.97.3 [notes]
2011-09-22:Released: PolluStop v2.9.2b - minor fix [notes]
2011-08-11:Released: DomainKeys v1.1.9 - new DNS engine for OSX-Intel, better DNS cache [notes]
2011-07-25:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.16.2 - Using ClamAV engine v0.97.2 [notes]
2011-07-14:Released: LookOut v3.8.2 and Spid v1.4.9 - new option to show full address in message headers [notes]
2011-07-13:Released: WinmailDat v2.6 - updated tnef engine, minor changes
2011-06-09:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.16.1 - Using ClamAV engine v0.97.1 [notes]
2011-05-13:Released: PolluStop v2.9.2 - SQLite db stats, shorter startup time [notes]
2011-05-13:Released: LookOut v3.8.1 - Deep test run on all supported browsers [notes]
2011-05-12:Released: Petite 2.0.5b - Minor fixes [notes]
2011-05-06:Released: PolluStop v2.9.1 [notes]
2011-04-10:Released: LookOut v3.8 - Official IE9 and FF4 support [notes]
2011-04-07:Released: LookOut v3.7.8 [notes]
2011-04-06:Released: Spid v1.4.8 and Petite v2.0.5 - minor changes [notes]
2011-04-05:Released: PolluStop v2.9.0b - Fixed another HTTPS issue [notes]
2011-03-30:Released: PolluStop v2.9.0a - Fixed HTTPS issue when HTTP is disabled [notes]
2011-03-29:Released: PolluStop v2.9 - Auto-updated shared regular expressions [notes]
2011-02-17:Released: PolluStop v2.8.2b - Workaround for CGP 5.3.12 and 5.4c CLI mishap [notes]
2011-02-08:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.16 - Using ClamAV engine v0.97 [notes]
2011-02-08:Released: LookOut v3.7.7 [notes]
2011-01-04:Released: LookOut v3.7.6a - Minor fixes [notes]
2010-12-17:Released: LookOut v3.7.6 - Major speed improvement for folder list rendering on accounts with a deep folder tree [notes]
2010-12-02:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.15 - Using ClamAV engine v0.96.5 [notes]
2010-11-14:Released: PolluStop v2.8.2a, AddFooter v1.3a, WinmailDat v2.5b and Auth Backup Checker v1.0a - Issue with stdout not being flushed [notes]
2010-10-28:Released: SessionLess v1.2.13a - Compatibility with Petite 2.0.4a integration package [notes]
2010-10-27:Released: AuthBackupChecker - External authenticator to process and relay unknown names
2010-10-27:Released: Petite v2.0.4 - Tentative support for the iPad [notes]
2010-10-27:Released: Spid v1.4.7 - Tentative support for the iPad [notes]
2010-10-25:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.14 - Using ClamAV engine v0.96.4 [notes]
2010-10-08:Released: PolluStop v2.8.2 - shy handling [notes]
2010-09-23:Released: Winamp Advanced Controls v5.6.2 - now fully compatible with Win7 [notes]
2010-09-21:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.13 - Using ClamAV engine v0.96.3 [notes]
2010-09-08:Released: Spid v1.4.6 - Rewrote RPOP [notes]
2010-09-07:Released: PolluStop v2.8.1a [notes]
2010-09-01:Released: LookOut v3.7.5 - Fixed RPOP [notes]
2010-08-25:Released: AddFooter v1.3 - Accepting per-domain and per-account footer files
2010-08-16:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.12 - Using ClamAV engine v0.96.2 [notes] now has an SSL security certificate. It is now possible to download login-only files using HTTP Auth over SSL.
2010-07-26:Released: PolluStop v2.8.1 [notes]
2010-07-26:Released: LookOut v3.7.4d [notes]
2010-07-13:Released: WinMailDatFilter v2.5b - message submission issue [notes]
2010-06-29:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.11.4 - PPC trap, SUSE FPE, Windows warning [notes]
2010-06-22:Released: LookOut v3.7.4b [notes]
2010-06-18:Released: LookOut v3.7.4a [notes]
2010-06-15:Released: PolluStop v2.8 - Daily reports [notes]
2010-06-01:Released: LookOut v3.7.4 - flash-based newmail sound [notes]
2010-06-01:Released: Petite 2.0.1 - Blackberry compatibility. [notes]
2010-06-01:Released: SessionLess v1.2.11 - support of forced /html realm. Petite 2.01 compatibility update [notes]
2010-05-27:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.11.1 - Issue with initial update [notes]
2010-05-26:Released: Petite 2.0 [notes]
2010-05-20:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.11 - New dbs, new db download method [notes]
2010-05-10:Released: LookOut v3.7.3 - Speed optimization for large accounts, several minor fixes [notes]
2010-04-29:Released: LookOut v3.7.2 - Date cleanup [notes]
2010-04-29:Released: Spid v1.4.5 - Date cleanup [notes]
2010-04-24:Released: LookOut v3.7.1b [notes]
2010-04-24:Released: Spid v1.4.4a [notes]
2010-04-15:Released: LookOut v3.7.1 [notes]
2010-04-15:Released: Spid v1.4.4 - New calendar alarm setting [notes]
2010-04-10:Released: LookOut v3.7.0a [notes]
2010-04-09:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.10.1 - Removed stray debug code, and restored Win2000/XP compatibility [notes]
2010-04-08:Released: LookOut v3.7.0 - Preferences in website private area, new spam management settings, better documentation for settings [notes]
2010-04-07:End of life announcement for version 0.94 and older of the ClamAV engine. All CGP-ClamAV versions below 1.8.0 will be affected.
2010-04-03:Released: CGP-ClamAV v1.10.0 - Using ClamAV engine v0.96 containing major optimizations and enhancements [notes]
2010-02-19:Released: SessionLess v1.2.10 - fixed incompatibilities with Pronto [notes]
2010-01-20:Released: ListBackscatter v1.0 RC1 [notes]