Release notes

latest enhancements

AddFooter Pro

Version 1.4.2

  • Customization build, no modification for mainstream

Version 1.4.1

  • Customization build, no modification for mainstream

Version 1.4

  • New: Automatically testing for the presence of a mailing list footer file without the -report part of the return-path address
  • Fixed: Messages are processed even if no footer file can be inserted

Version 1.3a

  • (v1.3) Fixed a possible issue with stdout not being completely flushed, stalling the filter

Version 1.3

  • New: You can specify different footer files for different domains or accounts (see README).

Version 1.2a

  • Tentatively fixed: Signature is added at the wrong position in multipart/mixed parts containing several text parts

Version 1.2

  • Fixed: Some multipart/related messages don't get the signature added

Version 1.1c

  • Customization build, no modification for mainstream

Version 1.0b

  • Fixed packaging problem affecting linux, solaris and freebsd

Version 1.0a

  • Fixed: Under rare conditions, the filter may fail to detect and skip the CGPro envelope

Version 1.0

  • Ported to x64 architecture

Version 1.0 beta 4

  • Fixed: Apple Mail messages with attachments receives the footer at an incorrect MIME location

Version 1.0 beta 3

  • Fixed: (beta 2) The equal sign is not qp-encoded

Version 1.0 beta 2

  • Quoted-Printable encoder rewritten as it's suspected to be the possible cause of hangs
  • Fixed: Filter is not able to read new Main.settings line written by CGP 5.1

Version 1.0 beta 1

  • First release. Exact translation of the Perl version, but rewritten as an external helper instead of an Execute action.