Release notes

latest enhancements


Version 1.4.19b

  • Fixed: Some message redirectoin settings cannot be saved

Version 1.4.19a

  • Fixed: Missing a few translation entries

Version 1.4.19

  • New: Support for CGP 6.2 Identities, new message redirection setting and new list settings

Version 1.4.18a

  • Fixed: Possible redirect loop in settings.wssp

Version 1.4.18

  • New: Support for CGP 6.1.17 "extra protection from WebUser session stealing and cross-site scripting"

Version 1.4.17

  • New: Contacts folder automatic creation on New Contact.

Version 1.4.16a

  • Fixed (1.4.16): Start date day issue

Version 1.4.16

  • New: Start date in vacation message (CGP 6.1.10. Requires option EnableFromDate_CGP61_10 to be enabled)

Version 1.4.15

  • New: Category field in Event/Task (CGP 6.1)

Version 1.4.14

  • New: Website file ACL

Version 1.4.13a

  • Fixed: Can't move or copy messages between folders

Version 1.4.13

  • Added RecurrenceEndDate to events

Version 1.4.12

  • Fixed: Contact groups don't work when using LookOut with CGP 6.0

Version 1.4.11

  • Fixed: Folder shortcuts may not appear in CGP 5.3 when the target folder contains non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed: Copying messages may fail when using CGP 5.3

Version 1.4.10

  • Replaced the MAILBOXMENU elements with a custom structure to translate the mailbox names correctly according to settings.

Version 1.4.9a

  • Fixed: IE doesn't like the v1.4.9a fix

Version 1.4.9a

  • Fixed: Script may timeout in Google Chrome when displaying ~1000 messages at once.

Version 1.4.9

  • New option copied from LookOut to display full address in message headers

Version 1.4.8

  • New options copied from LookOut
  • Minor cosmetic fixes
  • Fixed: Event duration can't be set to arbitrary values

Version 1.4.7

  • New stylesheet for a tentative untested support of the iPad

Version 1.4.6

  • Rewrote the RPOP (External POP accounts) page to comply with the new CGP 5.3 RPOP WSSP api.

Version 1.4.5a

  • Fixed: Trailing dot in new date format

Version 1.4.5

  • New: Alert "custom" value auto-changes to a text box
  • New: Implemented new date format settings to accomodate more localization standards. DateFormat_DMY_MDY_YMD replaces UseUSDateFormat_MMDDYY, and DateFormat_UsePeriodSeparator is added to allow the use of period separators instead of dashes in dates.
  • New: Event display uses formatted date according to setting.
  • Fixed: More untranslated strings

Version 1.4.4a

  • Fixed: Missing "Alert" checkbox and drop-down on compose page when using CGP 5.3
  • Fixed: "Start Hour" in Create Event and "Work Hours" in calendar settings don't use the selected time format

Version 1.4.4

  • New: Integrated the calendar alert settings

Version 1.4.3a

  • Fixed an issue with the list settings page

Version 1.4.3

  • Added the "Remove attachments" button to message display
  • Fixed: Files with a space in their filename can't be deleted or renamed in Website
  • Fixed: Alert text is not wrapped.

Version 1.4.2b

  • Fixed: Create new mailbox is broken on CGP 5.1 and previous versions

Version 1.4.2a

  • Fixed: The AutoAppendDomainNameOnCompose feature does not support the "+" character and some others in email addresses

Version 1.4.2

  • Added contact book selector to the "Take Address" button
  • Minor display fix

Version 1.4.1a

  • Fixed: Signature field width in Compose Settings page is very narrow when Text columns is set to the default value

Version 1.4.1

  • Restored compatibility with CGP 5.0 - a different package is required

Version 1.4b

  • Fixed: Mailbox status icon is incorrect
  • Fixed: IMAP-UTF7 encoding of mailbox names is displayed in the Folders list page on CGP 5.1 and 5.1
  • Fixed: Links in text-only messages may not be clickable
  • Fixed: Single spaces in text-only messages may be replaced by two spaces

Version 1.4a

  • Fixed: Mailbox names are not translated in the Shortcuts bar
  • Fixed: "Junk" flag only turns the message listing red for a split second

Version 1.4

  • Fixed to support the CGP 5.2.4 breaking changes.
  • Dropped compatibility with the 4.x branch. Spid now requires CGP 5.0+.
  • New: White-space formatting is preserved in text-only messages (requires scripting to be enabled)
  • New: MailboxNames translation may be deprecated by CommuniGate in the future and can now be easily disabled in the skin. When disabled, mailboxes will be displayed with their real name, regardless of the selected language, to avoid confusion in rules and such.
  • New: "Use UTF-8 For" setting is forced NOT to use the "Nothing" value to avoid display problems with mailboxes containing non-ascii characters
  • New: Message's isJunk flag turns its listing to red in the folder view

Version 1.3.2

  • Minor visual enhancements in calendar, main menu, settings pages
  • New features from CGP 5.2.x: Vacation end date, Junk Mail control settings, Visible to Mobile

Version 1.3.1a

  • Fixed: The compose box width is very narrow when using CGP 5.2.x

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed settings pages to accomodate the breaking changes in CGP 5.2. The changes are backward-compatible with earlier versions of CGP

Version 1.3

  • New Daily/Weekly/Monthly calendar views (requires CGP 5.1)
  • Minor cosmetic fixes

Version 1.2.2b

  • Minor change to the stylesheet to fix the font size when printing a text-only message in Internet Explorer

Version 1.2.2a

  • Fixed rules page. CGP 5.1.x contains an unannounced breaking change for the rules page

Version 1.2.2

  • Minor changes to the language files handling

Version 1.2.1

  • New config option to integrate a link to PolluStop per-user configuration in Spid
  • Fixed: "Update attendee status" button is not wide enough

Version 1.2a

  • Fixed: General settings link is not available when CallControl is disabled

Version 1.2

  • Fixed: SessionDirectoryFields value is a string, should be an array (in
  • New: PBX features from CGP 5.0/5.1: MakeCall, Call Control, Call Control Rules, PBX Setting, Speed Dialing settings, Call Logs

Version 1.1.7b

  • New "Report Spam" feature, sponsored by NowData Corporation

Version 1.1.7a

  • Fixed: Password validation is broken and anything goes

Version 1.1.7

  • You can now use the middle button in Firefox or Opera to open a message in a new tab

Version 1.1.6

  • Added the ability to hide the Filter and/or the Search box on the mailbox page

Version 1.1.5e

  • Fixed: AutoAppendDomainNameOnCompose is broken

Version 1.1.5d

  • Date display problem in calendar and other minor changes

Version 1.1.5c

  • New: It is now possible to add an attachment to a message being forwarded.

Version 1.1.5b

  • Fixed: The Alert page's button has no text

Version 1.1.5a

  • Fixed: Opera has issues with some buttons

Version 1.1.5

  • Fixed: html entities appear in the Title bar of Opera
  • Fixed: When using US time format, the time display is incorrect in the calendar
  • Fixed: Some cosmetic bugs
  • Fixed: Problems with the script compactor is disabling the mailbox class selection when creating a new mailbox
  • Fixed: VCard 3.0 export creates a 2.1 file.

Version 1.1.4

  • New: domainname can be automatically appended to addresses in the To, CC and Bcc fields of the compose page.
  • New: javascript files are even more compacted for smaller footprint
  • Fixed: Settings page is making IE 5 Mac freeze.
  • Fixed: Long From name could look like it runs over the Subject field on mailbox display

Version 1.1.3

  • The times shown in Calendar page are now displayed in US time format when UseUSTimeFormat_AMPM is set
  • Increased a lot the render speed of the mailbox row highlight in IE

Version 1.1.2

  • Implemented First and Last buttons in mailbox browser

Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed: Display glitch in Calendar and Tasks
  • Added the SkinsShownInLayoutSelector in Settings
  • Fixed: Font-size in "Printable version" of a message is too big
  • Fixed: Font sizes are increasing/decreasing by a larger factor than other websites when changing the browser's default font size
  • Fixed: There is a white space at the left of file upload fields when using Firefox
  • New font size logic in the stylesheet, the different font sizes may have changed a bit.

Version 1.1.0c

  • Fixed: Spid is crashing Internet Explorer 5.0 Mac
  • Fixed: Received column is too tight

Version 1.1.0b

  • Fixed: Compose page is broken

Version 1.1.0a

  • Fixed: Date column is not displayed properly for languages other than english.

Version 1.1.0

  • New: Added SSL switch to normal feature
  • New: Custom folder shortcuts can be added (skin-wide setting only)
  • A few minor changes to help customisation work
  • Back to W3C compliance
  • A few visual glitches fixed
  • Fixed: The mouse pointer is not correct over the message list in Firefox
  • Date column is now displayed in international format. A skin setting exists to display it in US format.

Version 1.0.9

  • New language: Italian
  • Fixed: ShowLayoutSelector=NO wasn't giving the expected result
  • New: Dutch translation is done and reintroduced in the skin
  • Reorganized a bit the mailbox settings layout

Version 1.0.8b

  • Fixed: Mailbox settings ACL labels don't appear correctly

Version 1.0.8a

  • Fixed: Printable Version button does't work properly
  • Fixed: NewMessageInNewWindow doesn't work properly

Version 1.0.8

  • Added FixRedirectLinks option to remove the /Redirect/ links of CGP. This can be considered as a security issue since the Referer field will contain the Session ID
  • Updated the INSTALL file with the documentation of recently added options
  • Some parts of the skin (input fields, some buttons, compose area) were not following the Browser's font size in Internet Explorer

Version 1.0.7

  • Added a bit of automation in the event editor
  • Fixed: Next and Prev buttons doesn't work in message view
  • Fixed: New Contact and New Group buttons weren't shown properly
  • Fixed: Some shortcuts are not displayed properly
  • Some strings changed to match changes in stock skin

Version 1.0.6a

  • Small layout fixes

Version 1.0.6

  • New feature added: keyboard shortcuts
  • Shortcuts summary added
  • Shortcuts display added (requires javascript, recent browsers only)
  • Settings regarding shortcuts display added
  • Japanese translation is complete

Version 1.0.5b

  • Turkish translation is complete

Version 1.0.5a

  • Little fix with charsets, Spanish was missing it's default charset

Version 1.0.5

  • Spanish translation is complete
  • Slovak translation is complete
  • Added a stylesheet tweak for slovak language (the default font, Gill Sans, doesn't contains the ISO-8859-2-specific characters)
  • Some fixes in German translation
  • Fixed: Monospaced font size in Netscape/Firefox
  • Fixed: Some mailbox names were improperly showing HTML identities names (for instance, "&") instead or the real character ("&")
  • Changed a bit the buttons color so they are more visible and differenciable from the background

Version 1.0.4c

  • Restored the missing Change Password link.

Version 1.0.4b

  • German translation is complete
  • Russian translation is complete
  • Some string fixes
  • Fixed Alerts when it's not called automatically

Version 1.0.4a

  • Added: ShowLayoutSelector setting, set it to NO to hide the Layout selector in the settings page
  • Added: Wireless Layout selector, and the ShowWirelessLayoutSelector setting
  • Added: NewMessageInNewWindow (default disabled), enabling this setting makes the Compose window to open in a new window (new message only)
  • Added: back to default view after going to folder view with Calendar or Tasks
  • Fixed: Rule page Apply and Reset buttons
  • Fixed: Header names are now translated in Settings page
  • Fixed: Tasks and Calendar's Fodler View was returning to default view on most actions

Version 1.0.4

  • Added Auto-Charset feature
  • Spid now shares it's strings datafiles with LookOut and SessionLess

Version 1.0.3

  • This skin requires 4.2.4
  • Used the <REDIRECT> feature of 4.2.4 - now faster to move to next unread message, etc.
  • Removed WML elements
  • Added missing strings
  • Added full german translation
  • "Box" Setting drop-downs now show the mailboxes list in hierarchical way
  • The ShowMessageRedirect setting now also controls the Redirect button in the mailbox view

Version 1.0.2-1

  • Added partial german language

Version 1.0.2

  • Integrated the new language features of Communigate Pro 4.2.2
  • Pruned the file
  • Added the CompletelyHideSettings and the AllowMailboxOperations settings in the file
  • Created the file

Version 1.0.1-1

  • Fixed a few strings
  • Added the EnableImages setting - disabling it removes all images from the skin

Version 1.0.1

  • Added Online Help links with according settings
  • The Certificate.wssp page was in "demo mode", restored it in the full package
  • The "Print Version" now opens in a new page
  • Fixed the Tasks view in demo mode
  • Added a few new strings in data

Version 1.0

  • Added the IEAddTransitionEffect setting
  • Fixed (again) column widths in Safari...
  • Fixed some strings
  • Fixed a glitch with the spell checker
  • Added color legend in calendar & tasks.

Version 1.0RC2

  • Added the AlwaysShowAllSettings setting
  • Fixed a few strings
  • Modified a few small things in styles and scripts for browser compatibility (Opera, Safari)

Version 1.0RC1

  • Translated in french
  • Added the few missing strings in the file
  • Fixed a few bugs

Version 1.0b4

  • Created a color table in the INSTALL file for easier customization
  • Added a few settings for the Rules page
  • Added a CustomLogo setting
  • All strings are now in the file. Translation is possible.
  • "Lint"ed all scripts to be sure they are structrally perfect (faster loading)
  • Fixed some highlights in Gecko browsers.
  • Mailboxes indentation is now done without javascript.
  • Compose text size is now relative (zoomable, as the rest of the skin)
  • Added a "Junk Mail Link" setting
  • Added Prev/Next in message navigation
  • Added presence.wssp even if it's not yet used

Version 1.0b3

  • All parts are now skinned
  • Added a few useful settings in
  • Extracted all colors to the css file and optimized the stylesheet
  • Added percentage of space used in mailbox list

Version 1.0b2

  • Skinned Parts: b1 + Password, Resume, Rpop, All Settings except List, Rules, Restore, Website, Alerts, SessionDirectory
  • Missing Parts: List Settings
  • Todo: changes for translation

Version 1.0b1

  • Skinned Parts: Mailboxes, Mailbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Bye, Compose (Mail, Note, Task, Event), Create Contact/Group, Mailbox Settings
  • Missing Parts: All Settings, Rules, Website, Restore, Alerts, SessionDirectory